Monday, December 15, 2014

The Therapists' Guide to Holiday Gift Shopping

Its that time of year already and let me guess, you're stumped on what to get your child this year? Let us help! We have collaborated a list of our favorite and most educational toys this season to keep your child on track for success.

Our Speech Therapists are talking about...


  • Cause and effect toys (i.e. you put something in/push something and there is an effect: i.e. lights/sounds)
  • Ring stacker
  • Pig with coins
  • Ball popper
  • Soft touch book
  • Shape sorter
  • Toy phone
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Baby doll
  • Food/Kitchen accessories
  • Playdoh and cookie cutters


  • Brown Bear
  • Dr. Seuss
  • There was an Old Lady Who...
  • Very Hungry Catepillar

School Age:

  • I-Spy Books
  • Red Rover game
  • Short books
  • Highlights Magazine subscription
  • Dress up clothes


  • Taboo
  • Apples to Apples
  • Rory's Story cubes
  • Quia Language lab (online)
  • Cookbook (beginner) 

Our Physical Therapists are jumping about...


  • Linking rings 
  • Car seat positioner: Snuggin Go
  • Bumbo seat
  • Cause and Effect toys: Star stacker rings with music and pop up toys
  • Push toys (~10 months)
  • Ball poppers

Young Child: 

  • Tricycle and protective equipment: helmet and guards
  • Playground balls
  • Ride-on toys
  • Game: Silly Pins
  • Jungle gym: Backyard set
  • Balance beam

School Age: 

  • Bike and protective equipment: helmet and guards
  • Skip-It
  • Hula hoops
  • Jump ropes
  • Twister 
  • HullaBaloo
  • Hyper Dash
  • Trampoline: with protective sides


  • Bike and helmet
  • Trampoline with protective sides
  • Skates: roller skates, roller blades, and protective gear
  • Skate board with protective gear 

Our Occupational Therapists are stoked about...


  • Teething links
  • Finger puppets
  • Jingle bells for wrists and ankles
  • Activity cubes
  • Tobbles
  • Busy ball drop
  • Ring stacker
  • Baby play cube
  • Shape sorter
  • Wok 'N Roll
  • Puzzles with knobs
  • Snap lock beads
  • Mr. Potato Head
Preschool- School Age: 
  • Puzzles
  • Pretend play sets
  • Lacing beads
  • Hungry Monkey Motor Skills
  • Play Doh

For the ultimate guide to gifts for all our sensory kiddos we found this amazing blog that sums it all up!

Have a safe and happy holiday season! 

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