Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sensory Friendly Halloween Fun

As Halloween is quickly approaching, here's a few quick tips to help your sensory-kiddo get through the holiday without a hitch. 

  1. Make a schedule of events. Provide a picture schedule and talk about what your child should expect from the day/night. Consider an organized smaller trick or treating option during the day.
  2. Practice for the night out. Plan a dress rehearsal, full costume and all. 
  3. Take a break throughout the night. Too much sensory stimuli, are we overwhelmed? Take a break! Make sure to include your sensory tools typically used with your child.  
  4. Alternatives to non-allergy friendly candy. Plan to provide snacks that your kiddos can eat that are not smothered in ingredients on your child's food allergy list. 
  5. The perfect costume.
    1. Avoid masks at all costs. 
    2. Wear layers of comfortable clothing under the potentially scratchy costume. 
    3. Avoid sensory triggers. 
  6. And when its all said and done...talk about it! What did your child like, not like? Take notes for next year. 

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