Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Word From Speech: Imitation Skills

Many late talking toddlers need to practice imitation skills.  If your toddler is not yet copying words, take a step back and try some Copy Cat games with actions and funny sounds / noises.  Lots of young children love these Simon Says games and it is a great way to help them ‘have a go‘ at copying sounds.

Here's a list of appealing books for 1-3 year old kiddos: 

1.  Baby’s First Sounds -  this is a simple book of different photo images (one picture to a page).  Lots of different sounds can be made throughout the book.  Bell = ling a ling,  Cat = meow,  Drum = bang bang

3.  Uh Oh, I’m sorry –  uh oh /oh no

4.  Baby Faces Peek a Boo - Adult says peeka……….. and child lifts the flap and says ‘boo!’

5.  Sleepy Baby -  sssh!  or eyes shut and snoring noises


Why do we love these books!? 
1.  You can repeat the same noise or sound many times through the book
2.  The pictures are simple and lend themselves to a particular sound
3.  Many of the books have flaps or tactile pieces to keep toddlers engaged

Make sure that you use the books as a fun way to make playsounds and focus on these rather than the story.  Praise your toddler for any attempts at making the sound – don’t worry if it is mispronounced!

Information borrowed from :
You can find 20 more books to add to this list on that website!

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