Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome Home, Basket!

 Welcome Home, Basket!

He’s here! Sixty-five days later, Basket has officially completed his therapy dog training and is back  and working at Fiesta!

What he learned

Basket has been trained to participate in therapy with all kids and can respond to a variety of commands including:

  • ‘Place’: to stay and lay where he is

  • ‘Heel’: to walk to the left of the person giving commands

  • ‘Treadmill’: walk on the treadmill

  • ‘Ok’: release him from any prior command

  • ‘Say ‘hi’’: say hi to friend or sit to be pet

  • ‘Up, Up’: jump up onto surface

  • ‘Here’: come to person giving commands


What he does now

This working dog can be found working out with friends on the treadmill and maneuvering through obstacle courses. Basket participates in and helps therapists with therapy sessions.


Next time you’re at Fiesta, look for Basket and his therapy dog vest!

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