Friday, February 28, 2014

Basket Goes to Bootcamp

Who is Basket?

Basket is  a two-year old mixed breed rescue dog given to Beth (Fiesta Pediatric Therapy's Clinical Director) for her 50th birthday. Although he is adorable and lovable, he is not yet trained. Three weeks ago, basket enrolled in therapy school to pursue his dream of becoming a therapy dog. Basket loves kids and wants to become a part of Fiesta therapy staff.

 Basket’s Progress:

Recently basket has been found taking hikes with his friends and getting into shape on the treadmill. He is learning to share and follow directions. He is in his third week of six weeks of his training.

Basket's trainer, Jimi Livshitz, is the founder of Your Dog Guru

Follow Basket on his journey to becoming Fiesta's newest therapy dog. Stay tuned for more!

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